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Ultra High Gloss Japanese Pear Kitchen Doors


Ultra High Gloss Japanese Pear Slab Doors with absolutely stunning unrivalled levels of gloss which brings out the woodgrain.

Not only are these Acrylic Slab Doors made to measure in any size you wish with 3 different edging options – They also carry the FIRA Gold Award which is the ultimate mark of product excellence within the furniture industry.


Japanese Pear is stunning woodgrain which stands out vividly due to the high levels of gloss. Often used as a contrasting colour in a kitchen for banks of units or drawer packs etc.

These high gloss japanese pear slab doors are from our absolutely stunning made to measure acrylic collection which is available in 13 colours with 3 edging options and a full range of matching accessories. We have finally brought the clean lines of a top end European kitchen or bedroom within your reach…

Our acrylic faced & edged doors are what we consider to be the top end of the market for High Gloss Kitchen Doors. They have a flawless glass-like finish in a slab design and are edged to the highest quality possible using state of the art CNC and robotic processes. This gives these ultra modern doors one of the best finishes in the market of its type.

Why Acrylic Doors?
The reason for choosing an acrylic slab door would be to get the highest level of gloss possible with crisp door edges to achieve an ultra modern look:
– Acrylic Doors are composed of an MDF core which then has a solid sheet of acrylic faced on to it – This is how it gets its glass like finish with no ‘orange peel’ effect or imperfections due to the thick acrylic surface.
– With vinyl wrapped doors, you are pressing a thin film of vinyl onto the MDF core and so any specs of dust/glue or surface imperfections show through – creating that dreaded orange peel effect.
– Sprayed/lacquered doors are a huge step up from vinyl wrapped, but unfortunately still suffer from imperfections due to inconsistent layers of paint and spraying techniques. They vary hugely from supplier to supplier in their quality.


Door Composition
-Our Acrylic faced slab doors are manufactured in one of the most advanced factories in the industry today, and are produced to the very highest quality and spec possible using CNC and robotic processing machinery.
-Material: 18mm MDF core with a surface finish in a mix of Acrylic/PVC materials.
-To ensure durability, quality and a high spec finish, the edging is applied using PUR (Poly Urethane Reactive) glue with a much higher heat and water resistance than glues normally used.

Awards & Tests
-Fira Gold Award, BS 6222:Part 3, BS EN 312, BS EN 622, Fira Standard 041, Fira Standard 048, Fira Standard 6250.

Grain Direction
-Standard grain direction is vertical on all doors.
-Horizontal Grain is available on doors up to 1200mm in Height. Please check the required box.

Door Specifications
-18.5mm Door Thickness.
-Ultra High Gloss Japanese Pear Face and Edge.
-Back of door is in a silver colour with a matt/satin finish.
-Made to Measure minimum height 100mm, maximum height 2540mm.
-Made to Measure minimum width 100mm, maximum width 1200mm.

Hinge Hole Information

Hinge Holes can be drilled in these doors at a cost of 75p per hole using the drop down menus above. Please see the information below for details:

Hinge Hole Specification
– 35mm Diameter
– 13mm Depth
– Drilled at 22.5mm from door edge to hole centre

Hinge Hole Locations
– Standard Drilling: 98mm from top and bottom of door to hole centre
(This drilling will suit all of our cabinets on this website)

IMPORTANT: All manufacturers use different drilling locations and so you have the option above to enter your own measurements if you wish. Please see the below link for a guide on determining your required hinge hole location:


Delivery Information

Despatch Time
These doors are made to order. It takes 7 to 10 working days to manufacture and they are then despatched via a 48hr courier – So please allow up to 12 working days. We always do our best to get them out sooner if possible though!

Postage Costs
All products on our website carry the same postage costs which are:
-Total Order under £150 = £7.99
-Total Order £150 to £375 = £14.99
-Total Order over £375 = FREE!

We feel this is one of the most important stages and nearly always neglected for kitchen doors. We do our best to make sure that customers receive the goods in the same condition they leave our factory. Orders are packed into bundles, all wrapped, with heavy duty corner protectors and thick polystyrene and then strapped into strong cardboard boxes.


This range of doors and components carries an industry leading 10 year guarantee. Full details of the guarantee are available upon request or in our FAQ section.

We guarantee you wont find a better quality door…. We have spent many years testing and trying out different materials, manufacturers and machining processes and we will only sell products of the highest quality – Just read our customer reviews or order a sample today!…

These doors carry the FIRA Gold Award – The ultimate mark of product excellence within the furniture industry, giving you reassurance that it meets all necessary standards and much more.